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60 Day Sales System

  • 20 Leads in 60 Days
  • 20% Win Rate Sales Playbook
  • 20 Minutes a Week Management Playbook

Sequences and Courses

  • 10x your prospecting game
  • Enterprise-ify your discovery 22% higher win rates

Free Sales Community

  • Direct mentorship
  • Access to free resources


Rep Coaching
  • 1-8 hours of sales training ENERGY
  • Customized to your team or off the shelf​
  • 1-8 hours of sales training ENERGY
  • Listen to calls
  • Review CRM
  • Collaborate on a plan
  • 1:1 training
  • Call and email coaching and support
Leader Coaching
  • Identifying your Tipping Point
  • Defining changes to manipulate tipping point
  • Feedback, Coaching, 1:1’s, Pipeline Review
  • Individual Issues
  • Private/Group conversations about specific issues that are happening on their teams
  • Managing good and bad performance
  • Hiring the right people
  • Handling people “issues”
  • Compensating
  • Team Structure
  • Creating your Big Hairy Aggressive Goal
  • Identifying your Issues
  • Creating your Accountability Chart
  • Teaching the Model
  • Running this Meeting
  • Which Numbers to review
  • Adding your “Manzi Metric”
  • How to analyze the numbers

Custom Issues
Talk through and advise on specific issues, going through not only recommendations, but tactical implementation
Sales Org Building
  • Create your go to market plan
  • Plan out financially which options make the best sense for your business at this point.
  • Hiring support or hiring directly
  • Comp Plans
  • Promotion Paths
  • Firing Paths
  • Self-led onboarding
  • Sales stages
  • Sales fields
  • CRM structure
  • List of prospects
  • Sequences written
  • Training on prospecting
  • Sales Script
  • Sales Deck
  • Pipeline reviews
  • Training on prospecting

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