Stop Being Treated Like a Loser in Sales

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Your compensation depends on whether customers like your product or not. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By making subtle adjustments to your nonverbal communication, you can convey a higher status to customers, reduce instances of no-shows, evasive responses, and dishonesty.

To achieve this, let’s explore three techniques:

  1. Speak Down + Pause
    The speak down + pause technique involves lowering the volume and pitch of your voice for the final word or couple of words in each sentence, followed by a deliberate pause. Try it for yourself right now. Seriously, give it a go. By hearing yourself use this technique, you’ll experience the transformative effect it has on your voice.

Voila! Suddenly, you sound like a captivating TED Talk speaker, exuding confidence and authority.

  • Listicles
    Before you burst into laughter, let’s clarify that “listicles” refer to those popular BuzzFeed-style lists such as “5 Ways to {Blank}” and so on. Now, consider the following two paragraphs:

“As a team, we need to start doing more outbound dialing, and it’s crucial that we become more persuasive during those calls. I believe we should consider investing in additional training.”


“As a team, we need to focus on two key objectives:

  1. Increase the number of outbound dials.
  2. Enhance our persuasive skills during these calls.”

Not only is the second version easier to comprehend, but there’s something intriguing about listicles that captures our attention. Perhaps it’s our conditioned response from college lectures, where we would frantically jot down notes whenever someone presented information in a list format.

Bonus tip: If you want people to take notes during a conversation or presentation, simply utter the phrase, “If you’re taking notes.” It may be inexplicable, but it works approximately 70% of the time (based on anecdotal evidence).

  • Speak as Facts
    In sales, it’s widely recognized that what you say is often perceived as your opinion. That’s precisely why people are skeptical when you claim to have the best software—because it’s just your belief, not an undeniable truth. However, employing the technique of speaking as facts can significantly enhance your credibility and authority.

To implement this technique, consider replacing certain phrases with alternative expressions. Here are a few examples:

Instead of saying “There are three major players, and we’re the best,” try “There could be several significant players in the market, but we stand out for these reasons.”

Swap “The three things you need to know” with “A few critical aspects you should be aware of.”

Replace “In my experience…” with “Based on what typically happens…”

By adopting these adjustments, you project an air of authority and expertise. Although listeners may still recognize that your statements are subjective, the confident and assertive tone makes a considerable impact.

In conclusion, sales professionals often encounter challenges in establishing themselves as credible and influential figures. However, by implementing these three techniques—speak down + pause, listicles, and speaking as facts—you can effectively enhance your communication style and inspire confidence in your customers. Remember, it’s crucial to continually refine your skills and adapt your approach based on customer feedback and evolving industry trends. With practice, you can become a persuasive salesperson who commands attention, fosters trust, and achieves remarkable results.

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